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EXAQ Micro Services has taken the years of experienced gained working with doctors, lawyers, and others in business looking to speech recognition to increase personal productivity and applied that knowledge to the areas of Reasonable Accommodation, Worker's Compensation, and Americans with Disabilities Act.  Our goal is not to make individuals in these situations simply functional but to enable them to be viable competitors with their peers in the work force.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition can really "level the playing field" in the office environment for those with upper extremity or back limitations that prevent effective usage of the keyboard or mouse. Whether the need is to reduce keyboarding and mousing by 20% or 100%, Speech Recognition can usually match or exceed a persons previous typing speed, even if that speed was in excess of 100 words per minute.  Most other computer related tasks such as Internet research, application launching and navigation, and data entry can be accomplished effectively by voice.

Recommended Product:
Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Screen Readers
Screen Readers provide a solution for those with low vision or no vision by reading the computer screen in a computer generated voice.  Documents, menus, and links can all be read by entering the appropriate keyboard commands.

Recommended Product:
  Jaws for Windows
Speech Recognition and a Screen Reader
For those individuals requiring both Speech Recognition and Screen Reading functionality these two technologies can be used together.  Unfortunately there are many technical problems related to coaxing these enabling technologies to "play nicely together".  While many vendors have experience with one technology or the other, very few vendors have the experience with both  to provide a successful solution for a specific individual's needs.  EXAQ Micro Services is one of very few vendors nation wide that has been highly successful at providing Screen Reader and Speech Recognition implementations over the last 10 years.

Web Reader
Free browser plug-in that reads Browsealoud enabled web sites.


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