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for the California Department of Justice
This web site is provided as a resource for users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking® at the California Department of Justice (DOJ). Please note that this site is NOT an official web site of the California DOJ and contains no DOJ specific information.  For official DOJ information please refer to the official web site for the Office of the Attorney General, California Department of Justice.


The Users Group is a resource for anyone using, or interested in, Dragon NaturallySpeaking® (DNS) to get questions answered and to discuss available resources and how best to use DNS within the Department of Justice.  Meetings will include:DNS Pro
  • Discussions of problems DNS Users may have encountered.
  • Demonstrations of  NaturallySpeaking® Commands and Usage Strategies that may assist users to be more productive.
  • Demonstrations of other enabling and productivity technologies that may be of interest to the users
  • Discussions of other topics of interest to the users.
  • Guest Speakers on topics of interest.
  • and more!
Speech Recognition Tips
A list of commonly asked questions with corresponding answers and resources.
Scansoft Knowledge Base
Search Scansoft's Technical Support Knowledge Base for information on any NaturallySpeaking problem or issue.  Just select NaturallySpeaking in the Product drop list then click [Continue].

Meetings are generally scheduled for the Second Tuesday of each month in Sacramento, California. Please contact the meeting coordinator, Michael Moser, for times and locations.

Next Meeting:
  • To be announced

Meeting Agenda
DOJ Plan for Resolution of NaturallySpeaking Issues.

Some very specific problems encountered by many users were discussed at the Feb. 11 meeting.  As a result of  the Users Group Meeting and the issues raised, a plan is being developed to streamline the problem resolution process in general and to address the specific problems discussed.  In general, the plan development process at this point includes:
  • Surveying the current NaturallySpeaking user base to determine:
    • Level of use.
    • Level of  productivity.
    • Level of Satisfaction.
    • Specific software combinations that tend to cause problems.
    • Specific areas where NaturallySpeaking tends to excel.
  • Identify key issues and problems preventing effective utilization of NaturallySpeaking at the DOJ based on the Survey results.
  • Define resolution strategies to address each issue or problem..
  • Define a plan to implement the identified resolution strategies.
  • Have the plan itself approved and implemented.
The next Users Group meeting will be schedule when more details and/or results are available.  Progress on the resolution of  discussed issues will be posted here.

Issue Resolution Progress
Feb. 11, 2004
First NaturallySpeaking Users Group meeting discusses areas where problems are encountered when attempting to utilize NaturallySpeaking at the Department of Justice.  A general strategy is mapped out to aid Risk Management in assessing the effectiveness of NaturallySpeaking and to resolve issues preventing higher usage and productivity rates

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