Relative to:
3.51 and 4.0
Audio Setup Wizard (ASW) runs every time NaturallySpeaking starts.
Updated 1/26/03
The NaturallySpeaking Audio Setup Wizard (ASW) runs every time NaturallySpeaking starts after a system reboot.
NaturallySpeaking Audio configuration uses the system IP address to keep track of which system the software is configured for.  If a new IP address is assigned on system reboot, NaturallySpeaking thinks that it is installed on a new system and needs to run the ASW again.  To prevent the ASW from running after each reboot, disable the IP check according to the instructions below.

As this is a Registry change, it will not take effect until the system is rebooted.  When NaturallySpeaking is started after the system has been rebooted, NaturallySpeaking will check the IP address one last time - causing the ASW to run one last time.  The ASW should  not run for existing users after subsequent system boots.
This fix requires making changes to the System Registry.  Errors made while making changes to the Registry can cause severe problems with the computer and may cause it to fail completely - resulting in the LOSS OF ALL DATA - and requiring a complete reinstallation of Windows and all software programs, applications, and utilities.  If you do not feel comfortable making the following changes, have the changes made by an appropriately qualified support technician.

Registry Fix
  1. Make sure NaturallySpeaking is not running.
  2. From the Start Menu go to Run, and type Regedit then click OK.
    -- Dragon Systems
    --- NaturallySpeaking
    ---- Professional
    ----- System
    ------ Settings
  4. With the Settings Key highlighted, go to the Menu and select Edit-> New-> String Value
  5. Type "Generate Machine Id" (don't type the quotes) to replace New Value #1
  6. Press Enter to confirm the new name, then press Enter once again to modify its value
  7. In the Value Data field of the Edit String window, type the number 0 and click the OK button
  8. Close Registry Editor and reboot computer to confirm that the change solves the problem

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