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Paperless Office Solutions:

Large organizations may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for document imaging and retrieval systems.  Now there are very cost effective imaging solutions available for small businesses and agencies that can substantially reduce printing and filing overhead costs.

Have you ever ran into any of these situations:

  • Printing a web page or other document just to keep a reference of it for a project or to show to an associate, only to toss it out when no longer needed.
  • Print a report or other document (many times) just to see how the latest version looks on the print out.
  • Print a document so you can fax it because there is no way to email it from the application or utility being used.
  • Print an electronic document just so it can be attached to a paper document from someone else (purchase order, invoice, bill, etc.)
  • Desperately needed to take a look at a paper document someone else has filed in a file somewhere.
  • Wish you could electronically file all those papers others keep sending to you so you can organize them in the same folders with related information for easy retrieval by yourself or others.
  • Need to use the text in a PDF file or a scanned image.

Did you know you can do all of the above starting at about $200 including the scanner !
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The answer is PaperPort 11 from Scansoft!
PC World

The most efficient way for everyone in your organization to organize, find and share paper, PDF, and digital documents. PaperPort Pro Office combines the power of creating PDF, the convenience of network scanning and the efficiency of document management, into a single, easy-to-use desktop application.

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PDF to MS Word
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PDF Converter
Instantly converts PDF files into Microsoft Word documents that look just like the original - complete with all formatting and graphics!

And More!
  • Create PDF files.  Like other more expensive solutions, PDF Converter Professional allows you to create PDF from any of your PC applications.
  • PDF Editing.  With PDF Converter Professional 3 you get all the PDF editing you need. You can select, move, resize, rotate, copy, and paste nearly anything in a PDF normal, copy graphics to other applications and even edit text in-place – all for a fraction of the cost of other PDF editing applications!
  • PDF Forms. PDF Converter Professional 3 instantly turns static forms into fillable PDF forms with ScanSoft’s new and improved FormTyper™ feature. With one click, FormTyper locates the fields on your form – even on scanned forms – and adds fillable fields without changing the original! You can save forms to your PC, share them with others using e-mail, sign them using the built-in PDF Self-Sign™ digital signature, and, yes, even print completed forms to paper.


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