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EXAQ Inc.’s extensive experience working with users with physical or visual challenges that limit their computer access enables us to provide effective  solutions for Reasonable Accommodation, Worker's Compensation, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our goal exceeds enabling individuals to be simply functional. It is to enable individuals to be viable competitors within the workforce.

Speech Recognition

Tasks such as typing, mouse control, internet research, application launching and navigation, and data entry can be accomplished effectively by voice.
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional

Section 502 Certified for individuals with disabilities.

See how it works!
Voice Commands Video Desktop Commands: New in version 10. Create an email or find a document with a single voice command command
Dictation and Formatting Video Voice Dictation and Formatting: New in version 10. Dictate and format your text quickly, easly, and completely hands free!

Screen Readers

Screen Readers provide a solution for those with low vision or no vision by reading the computer screen in a computer generated voice. Documents, menus, and links can all be read by entering the appropriate keyboard commands.
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Merging Enabling Systems

For those individuals requiring both Speech Recognition and Screen Reading functionality, these two technologies can be used together. EXAQ Inc. has proven highly successful at providing Screen Reader and Speech Recognition implementations.  Contact us for more information.
Speech Recognition and Screen Reader Integration
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J-Say reduces training time and increases productivity when using NaturallySpeaking with Jaws.  Contact us for more information.

Rehabilitation Industry Applications
DOR Voice Commands - Contact us for more information
The Department of Rehabilitation Voice Commands are a suite of NaturallySpeaking macros and supporting documentation which enable counselors and other staff members at the Department of Rehabilitation to quickly access and update their mainframe client notes and other information by voice using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The DOR Voice Commands address a number of menu navigation notes entry issues that arise when attempting to use NaturallySpeaking in a 3270 emulation environment to access mainframe information such as HWDC and CIDOR by voice.

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