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This web site is provided as a resource for users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking® at the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). Please note that this site is NOT an official web site of the California DOR and contains no DOR specific information.  For official DOR information please refer to the official web site for the California Department of Rehabilitation.


NaturallySpeaking To provide technical support, tips and other information for anyone using, or interested in, Dragon NaturallySpeaking® (DNS) as it relates to DOR clients or staff.

Please address any comments or suggestions to support@exaq.com

Thank you.

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The EXAQ Thing
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DOR NaturallySpeaking Virtual Users Group
The users group provides an opportunity for DOR Staff Members throughout California to meet together and discuss tips and techniques for using NaturallySpeaking with DOR applications including HWDC, Word Processing and E-mail.  Each meeting will also include a short training session on a topic of interest for DOR staff using NaturallySpeaking or including it in a plan for a consumer.
The meeting is held on the Web on the third Wednesday of each month at noon.  The meetings last approximately 45 minutes.  You will need a computer with a high speed internet connection and a phone .. that's it!
The meetings are free and attendance is open to any DOR staff members interested in learning more about how NaturallySpeaking can assist staff members or consumers to be more productive using speech recognition.
To attend a meeting, simply register at the link below.  You can register for meetings anytime before the meeting starts.  Once registered, you will be provided with the web address (URL) to attend the meeting and the toll free number to call to for the audio conference.

Meeting Dates:
Third Wednesday of each month.  Meetings start at 12:00 noon (PT) unless otherwise noted.
Presentation Topic:


The next User's Group presentation is being developed.  An email will go out to all past attendees once the information is available ... Stay Tuned!
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The EXAQ Thing
A Speech Recognition resource newsletter for the CA DOR

The "EXAQ Thing" you need to keep up on new Dragon NaturallySpeaking topics that may impact DOR Staff members or DOR Clients using Dragon.  The newsletter is available for DOR staff only and published only when new information becomes available (usually once every 3 to 6 weeks).  Registration for the Newsletter will also provide invites to the DOR Virtual Users Group meetings.

Past Issues
Volume 4, Number 1
  • Dragon 10.1
  • Custom Productivity Commands for CIDOR

The EXAQ Thing Newsletter registration.
Note: As part of our security, you will need to respond to a confirmation email to complete the Newsletter registration.  You should receive the email within a few minutes of registering.  If you do not, please let us know.

All information is kept confidentual we do not share our contact list.

DOR Voice Commands
DOR Voice Commands 5.x provide:
  • Better compatibility with NaturallySpeaking version 10.
  • Better compatibility with the current version of the DOR's Passport  program used to access CIDOR and HWDC.
  • Enhanced menu navigation commands.
  • A new command that significantly speeds up and simplifies the creation of notes.
  • Encripted Login CIDOR command

Command Quick Reference
NaturallySpeaking command quick reference.  A summary of the critical commands you should know for successful dictation.
NaturallySpeaking Selection Criteria
"Cheat Sheet"
A quick reference for DOR counselors to use when evaluating the appropriateness of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 for a client

Version Archive:


Cheat Sheet for Version 7
An archived copy of the NaturallySpeaking Selection Criteria Cheat Sheet for NaturallySpeaking version 7.  pdf version
Nuance Knowledge Base
Search Nuance's Technical Support Knowledge Base for information on any NaturallySpeaking problem or issue.  Just select NaturallySpeaking in the Product drop list then click [Continue].
Alpha-Bravo Words
A list of the International Phonetic Alphabet Words which can be used to spell words when using NaturallySpeaking.

Using the Alpha Bravo words is helpful if NaturallySpeaking is misrecognizing certain letters.
List of Terms
A list of terms used when describing, or working with, Speech Recognition software.
Speech Tips
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Past DOR Virtual Users Group Topics
Archive of Past Presentation Topics


July 16
Dealing with Difficult Words, Part 1

August 20
Dealing with Difficult Words, Part 2

September 17

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10: Faster, More Accurate and Cool New Features

October 15

Increasing Productivity with Shortcuts

November 19

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Part 2: More Features &  Version 10  Edition Comparison
December 17
Using NaturallySpeaking with Digital Recorders


January 21
Which Version of NaturallySpeaking is "Right" for the Job?
February 18
NaturallySpeaking 10: New Productivity Features for all users.
March 18
Protecting and Managing your Voice Profile
April 15
Intro to Simple Macros

May 20
Upgrade Strategies

June 17
Using NaturallySpeaking with CIDOR

July 15
Choosing NaturallySpeaking for "Clients"
Aug 26 DOR Voice Commands version 5
September 16
Creating Custom Navigation Commands for CIDOR
October 21
Creating Custom Navigation Commands for CIDOR Part 2 (Rescheduled to Nov 18)

Nov. 18 Creating Custom Navigation Commands for CIDOR part 2

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