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DOR Voice Commands
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What are the
DOR Voice Commands?

DOR Voice Commands
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The DOR Voice Commands are a suite of NaturallySpeaking macros and supporting documentation.  The commands enable counselors and other staff members at the Department of Rehabilitation to quickly and effectively access DOR applications including CIDOR to update mainframe client notes and other information by voice using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  The DOR Voice Commands have been adopted statewide by the Department of Rehabilitation to address menu navigation and notes entry issues that arise when attempting to use NaturallySpeaking in a 3270 emulation environment such as HWDC and CIDOR to access mainframe information by voice.

DR Macros Note: The DOR Voice Commands are a complete upgrade for the old DR Macros purchased by the Department of Rehabilitation prior to 2003.  The DR Macros were written for NaturallySpeaking version 5 and an older version of the Passport 3270 emulation software used previously by the department.  The DOR Voice Commands provide all of the functionality of the prior DR Macros and much, much more.

New in Version 5!

·         Enhanced compatibility with NaturallySpeaking version 10

·         Enhanced menu navigation commands.  Cut the number of steps to navigate to a specific screen in half!

·         A completely new Login Command that allows you to change your login information for up to 5 applications (CIDOR/Passport, Lotus Notes, etc.) with a single command.  It is no longer necessary to remember how to edit the command in Command Browser to make the required periodic password changes.

·         Login Password encryption.  Passwords are now stored in an encrypted formant.


Currently the DOR Voice Commands are available exclusively from EXAQ, Inc.

Please contact us for additional infomation, to purchase the DOR Voice Commands or receive a quote.


DOR Voice Commands 5.x
DOR Voice Commands upgrade to version 5.x 
  • From the DOR Voice Commands version 4.21 or above
Free Upgrade
  • From the DOR Voice Commands versions 3.x -4.20
  • From the DOR Voice Commands 2.x
  • From the DOR Voice Commands 1.x
  • From DR Macros (any version)
    (includes conversion support)

For additional information, please contact support@exaq.com or call (916)966-8313     Thank you

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