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Having supported the introduction of Speech Recognition since DragonDictate version 1 (1992), I have had years of experience successfully integrating Speech Recognition for individuals working in a productive, business environment. My speech recognition philosophy:

Speech Recognition users should have the positive experience that Speech Recognition can provide, instead of the frustrating headache that many have encountered.  

To assist in that goal, please check out our Speech Tips and Tricks or contact me for additional information including our  unique pricing policies that can provide software at substantial discounts or free when purchased with training.

Speech recognition with Dragon NaturallySpeaking is (no kidding):

  • Fast! (100+ words per minute for most users after an hour or two of use)
  • Accurate! (98% or better out-of-the-box for most experienced speech recognition users)
  • A substantial productivity booster for anyone creating large amounts of letters, emails, reports or other text documents.
  • A cost effective employment "playing field leveler" for many persons with disabilities that prevent effective keyboard and/or mouse utilization (Including those with low or no vision).
  • An extremely cost effective alternative to surgical intervention for many RSI situations.
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking

NaturallySpeaking Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance Communications is the industry leading Speech-to-Text software product for Windows based Personal Computers running the Windows Operating System.  NaturallySpeaking can provide fast (120+ words/minute) and accurate (97%-99% accuracy within 10 minutes of installation for many users) automated dictation transcription on PCs running Windows 2000 or Windows XP. 

NaturallySpeaking is currently being used successfully by Doctors, Attorneys and other business professionals (including Programmers and Medical Transcriptionists) to increase document accuracy while decreasing document turnaround time and document generation overhead expenses.  NaturallySpeaking is also used by persons with upper extremity disabilities to compete effectively with their peers in the work environment.

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(Very Frequently  Asked Question)
If Speech Recognition works so well, why does it have the reputation of being a technological curiosity, or toy, that is not really "ready for prime time"? 

From my experience there are 2 main reasons for this unfortunate and misleading perception:

  1. Over the last 10 years the industry has had more than it's share of "business opportunists" who happened to see a Speech Recognition demonstration presented by someone who know how to use the software.  After seeing the software operated properly these "opportunists" were convinced that "Speech Recognition" should be an "easy sell" just because its new, exciting, and actually works. Consequently, they became "Dealers" who focused on selling boxes.  Unfortunately many never learned to use the software effectively or demonstrate it properly.  Over the years the inept demonstrations and installations  have created decidedly negative impressions that have last a long time for those that endured them.
  3. Many new users find the software to be slow, inaccurate, and extremely frustrating to use because:
    • Some Speech Recognition programs WERE slow, inaccurate, and/or unproductive. (WARNING:  Some are still unproductive, contrary to the labeling on the box.)
    • Inadequate or faulty hardware and misconceptions concerning how to use the software prevented the positive results that would otherwise have been achieved.  In this area, minimum system requirements will generally yield minimum satisfaction due to marginal results.
It is of interest to note that none of the reasons have to do with the actual speech recognition products that have proven themselves over the last few years. During this period I have found  Dragon NaturallySpeaking to have been the most consistent industry leader. But this is not just my opinion, NaturallySpeaking has earned more "Editors Choice" and other industry awards than any other consumer Speech Recognition product.

If you now have, or are interested in, using Speech Recognition software, it should be a positive and productive experience.  If you have problems, don't give up, seek assistance. 

Help and Tips
Speech Recognition Help and Tips
FAQ and useful bits of information to minimize frustration and maximize productivity when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
NaturallySpeaking Product Comparison Matrix
Interested in NaturallySpeaking but not sure which is the correct product for your needs?  We recommend the Preferred version as the lightest version that is still practical for Word Processing or serious business use.  The Professional version is recommended for maximum productivity or anyone who needs to minimize or eliminate keyboard or mouse usage. Take a look at the Product Comparison Matrix to select the version to fit your needs.

Other Resources
For Additional Speech Recognition Pricing Information, Products or Services please contact us.  Additional information can be found at Nuance'sScansoft's web page at:



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