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Providing a stable, multi-user database platform for:
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows XP (SP1)
  • Windows 2000 (SP4)
  • Windows ME
  • Windows NT4 (SP6)

I have used and recommended R:Base for many years as a versatile Data and Information Manager because I have found R:Base to be:

  • A very cost effective solution when compared to other engines with similar capabilities such as Oracle or SQL Server
  • A solution that provides substantially reduced development times when compared to other similar priced products such as Access and Visual Basic.
  • Extremely scalable.
  • Fast, stable and reliable.
  • Easy enough to be used by non programer managers and business owners to handle information tracking and reporting needs not suitable for spreadsheets or available in "off the shelf" products.
  • A very competitive platform for the professional development of large, multi-user data base management systems.
  • Powerful enough to grow to handle hundreds of users and millions of records without requiring any updates or programming changes.
  • The only truly relational database manager with built in referential integrity in its price range.
  • Unique in that the manufacturer constantly demonstrates their commitment to end user support from the support desk all the way to the product development engineers.
  • A rock solid platform used by small companies, corporations and government agencies world wide to reliably and effectively maximize their information tracking abilities while minimizing the impact on their budget.
Consequently, R:Base is a uniquely qualified product that is a perfect match for 2 very different scenarios:
  1. Small and startup companies or small departments that find that their "off the shelf" products and spreadsheets are not enough to handle their business needs. They have a limited budget and most work is done by resourceful, in house people that attempt to do everything.  R:Base and a few hours of training can provide the solution they are seeking now while providing the power and functionality to handle most any future needs.

  2. Organizations who are seeking to create or update and information tracking and reporting system with the power of  an Oracle or SQL Server system but without the price tag.
R:Base is the registered trademark of R:Base Technologies, Inc.

As an R:Base Authorized Developer I would be happy to discuss your information tracking needs. Please contact me for additional product or pricing information.

- Michael Moser
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