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This page contains links to selected Technical Notes collected from various web sources.  The information selected for this page appeared to be accurate and correct  as of the update date.  However, the information is provided as a convenience only and has not been verified in any way.
Important Note:
Users of any information contained in, or referenced by, this page or any other web page need to determine the accuracy and applicability of the information to any specific situation. Where ever possible the original source for information on this page has been referenced to facilitate that determination and should be checked for updates and/or changes to the information as appropriate. No technical support is provided on these topics, please contact the authors of each  resource for support issues.

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How can I determine what my network speed or bandwidth is?

Where can I find a table of ASCII codes and symbols.
The ASCII Table Page
The ASCII Table Page
Where can I find simple rules and tips for purchasing Information Technology (IT) solutions.
IT Acquisition Tips
Frontline Solutions
Where can I find online documentation for MS Windows (XP Pro, XP Home, 2000, ME, etc.), MS Office (XP, 2000, 98, etc.) and MS Servers (Exchange, SQL, etc.)?
Microsoft Tech Net
Where can I find out more about a Virus or a Hoax?
Before alerting all the contacts in your address book by forwarding a forwarded message regarding a new virus (or a sympathy case,  good cause, sad story, chain letter, etc.), check out one of these virus or hoax pages first.  It may save you from the follow up "Please ignore my last message!" message.
Virus Checks
Hoax Checks
Listed web sites
MSBlast virus:
  • How do I check to see if I have it?
  • How do I get rid of it?
  • How do I protect my computer from it?
Comcast MSBlast Support Page
How can I determine what updates are available for my Windows Operating system?
Use Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher to access this web page.  Your operating system will be identified and all available patches, upgrades, and drivers that apply specifically to your system will be identified and listed.  You can then choose from the list which updates you want to install.
Microsoft Updates
Microsoft Corp.


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