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Welcome Private Investigators and Security Officers

Speech Recognition and Reports
.  If ever a technology was made for an industry, NaturallySpeaking was made for  Private Investigators and Security Personnel.  Every day its more reports -- the longer and the more detailed the better.  The typing, the time and the transcription costs -- who needs it. Now just imagine sitting back in your favorite chair, composing  your report, and as you dictate the words appear on your computer monitor.  When the dictation is complete, you review your document for errors or any last minute revisions then Save, Print, and  ... done!

Sound like some vision of the future?  The future is here and now, the technology is available today!  You talk, it types ... check out Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Here are a few of the most common questions regarding our primary products and services:

Speech Recognition (NaturallySpeaking)
  • Can I use NaturallySpeaking to "type by voice" into any of my existing computer programs?
  • Can I transcribe my recordings from a digital recorder?
    Yes, automated transcription from some digital recorder models from Sony, Olympus, and others is supported.  Call for recommended models.
  • Can I still use my keyboard and mouse?
    Yes, any time
  • How long does it take to start dictating documents?
    15 minutes to install and set up the software, 1 hour to complete the included tutorial.
  • How can I tell if my computer microphone is working properly?
    See our Microphone Test tip or view our Microphone Test Video
  • What are the differences between the different versions of NaturallySpeaking?
    See the Product Comparison Matrix
  • How can I tell which version will be best for my needs?
    See our unique Selection Cheat Sheet
Paperless Office (PaperPort, PDF Converter)
  • Can I create PDF files without purchasing Adobe Acrobat?
  • Can I fill-in and print PDF Forms?
  • Can I stack multiple files into a single PDF Document?
    Yes (with PaperPort)
  • Can I convert PDF files into MS Word files so I can edit and copy the text?
    Yes (PDF Converter is better at retaining formatting than PaperPort)
Do you have any special pricing for CALI members?
Yes - check it out

Who are we and what do we do at EXAQ?
Our goal is to enable our clients to increase profits by increasing individual productivity rates.  The tools we use to achieve our goal are focused in three business areas:
  • Document Creation - Create letters, reports, emails faster with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Basic productivity rates run between 80-120 words per minute at 98% accuracy or better for most users.  Using advanced vocabulary and macro features can produce productivity rates in excess of  500 words per minute.

  • <>Document Management - The overhead of  copying, routing, filing, recreating, and locating the daily flow of paper documents can consume hours every week.  Nuance (formerly ScanSoft) products such as PaperPort, PDF Converter, OmniPage and OmniForm can streamline this process, substantially reducing the time required for document management -- and make it possible to access documents, securely, from anywhere via the Internet.
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Michael Moser
Special Pricing for CALI Members
CALI members: Mention your CALI membership and receive special pricing:
  • 10% Discount on training and consulting support services
  • 10% Discount on:
    • NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognition Software
  • 10% Discount on:
    • PDF Converter
    • PDF Professional
    • PaperPort
There has never been a better time to "Get Productive"!  

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updated: 10/10/08
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